With a result driven approach, our highly skilled video production team take branding and campaign launches to whole new creative level that benefits our client’s objectives

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We’ve grown by helping our clients build brand equity and drive sales. Our team is 100% intact, fully vaccinated, and operational during the COVID 19 crisis. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Content That Connects. Stories that Sell. 

THA Creative is a content creation agency designed to help top-tier brands tell stories with honour, class, and integrity. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, content creation services are our speciality. Approaching projects wholeheartedly, we actively engage with you to create works to meet your needs. Incorporating your organisation’s objectives at the start of creative conception, we create work that turns heads. 

THA Creative understands the importance of high-quality content. With services allowing for content creation across a wide span of multimedia platforms, we’re able to create pieces as unique as your marketing approach.

If you’re passionate about sharing a narrative with the world, but you’re tied up in the purse strings, well then, have we got a story for you! At THA we offer exceptional creative and emerging talent on both sides of the camera through our unique cost-effective production processes.

THA Creative is trusted by some of Australia’s most well-known brands, so why not join them? Drop us an email and our peeps will get right back to you.


Why THA Creative?

We want to create content that works with you.  

THA Creative is dedicated to creating multimedia content rich with passion. Knowing the importance of creating branded content that takes consumers on a journey, we wanted to create a space where your content can be treated with the respect it deserves. 

Armed collectively with over 20 years of experience within the film industry, our team of esteemed visual content creators have been hand-selected for our talent, passion and integrity. Treating each brief with care, THA Creative prides itself on our ability to deliver exciting and lively contemporary content unique to you. 

We believe in treating your story with the same integrity as a motion picture. Streamlining the production process, we fuse artistry with efficiency to create works that resonate with an audience. 

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Services We Offer


Harnessing decades of industry experience, we’re getting the best digital content creators to help you create memorable content creation that enlivens an audience. Working with a team of esteemed professionals, you can rest assured that your brand is in the right hands.

Production Planning

Planning with purpose. Our attentive and accomplished team of executive producers and producers alike are here to offer invaluable assistance. We work with you to devise practical plans for your creative vision to ensure that you get high-grade content that doesn’t break the budget. With local and remote workers available, we’re able to provide cost-effective services without compromising on quality.

The Brandimentary Experience

From office to boardroom, THA Creative introduces the Brnadimneatry 360. This innovative way of storytelling deep dives into the daily experience of the CEO, providing viewers with in-depth insights into the life of the driving force of your company. Our malleable approach allows you to tailor this content to your audience. Be it, staff, investors or existing clients, we’re with you every step of the way to create content to tell your story.

Collaborative Content Production

We’re turning corporate content creation into a collaborative process. Through active engagement with you, we combine your deep knowledge of your audience and brand with our creative brilliance. By turning away from restrictive approaches, we can create content that truly makes your brand stand out. When working with us, you’re actively included in every step of the production process. From concept to screen, your input will be actively fuelling our content creation.
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