What we Film

Commercials & Story-Based Videos

For these types of videos, we prioritise crafting entertaining content by centring our focus on The Story. While the brand and product are very important, we can help you tell Your story and get the message across.

Product-Focused, Branded Videos

We want the most attention on Your Product or Service. We want the viewers to understand what it is, how it works, why it’s so great and how it will make a difference in the user’s life when it is used.

Interviews & Documentary-Style

These videos are well suited when you want to become close and personal with your audience. We can create 60 to 90 second videos showcasing how incredible and exciting Your Company is by highlighting the culture, value, process and product.

Company Promo Videos

We help you visually connect with potential clients by creating videos that really emphasise your Company’s brand, culture and value. We do this by inviting the audience into a glimpse of your organisation as we creatively focus on leaving a unique message.

Social Media Videos

We create snappy, shareable and engaging videos for all your social media channels. We can help your channels look content filled with amazing visuals leaving your followers wanting more. Often, we’ll shoot and edit a number of these videos at once, and you can release them periodically on your channels. This method is often the most efficient use of time and money.

Fashion & Music

We have experience in working with famous celebrities to deliver professional and trendy videos. We work together to deliver a concept to screen and make your message stand out.



This is the question we are asked most frequently.  Unfortunately, each project is treated differently and we are not making products that are repeatable actions.