Behind Every Production

Here are some of the services we provide to bring your brand-story to life. From Concept Development to Delivery we guide you through the process and ensure you play a key role throughout every stage of the video production process. We are all about working together.


THA Creative comes up with concepts and writes the scripts based on those concepts.

  • Creative Strategy
  • Concept
  • Treatment
  • Story Outline
  • Scripting
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Design
  • Set Construction


Whether your in need of a skeleton crew or a large crew member production, we are ready take on video productions of all shapes and sizes.

  • Lighting & Filming
  • Special Effects
  • Green Screen
  • Sound Mixing Lifestyle
  • Wardrobe & Styling
  • Hair & Make Up


Post-Production happens to be one of our favourite parts of the creative process, we offer a number of Post Production services:

  • Picture Editing, Footage and Sound
  • Motion Graphics
  • VFX
  • Voice over artists
  • Original Music Compostions
  • Colouring Correction & Grading
  • Licensing – Music, Motion and Stills
We are an Elite Production Company based in Sydney. Over the years we have been proud to partner with large businesses and brands to produce content for TV, Digital and the Social Media world.

We are night owls and we won’t sleep until we get the job done.


Bringing a vision to life is a team effort. We have a strong collective of creative
professionals, each with a significant role in bringing your project to fruition.

The Advisory Board

A Board of Professionals consulting in creative conceptualisation and marketing strategy will ultimately bridge the gap between your vision and business objectives, with the creative world that will be the identity representing your business in the marketplace

Our Producers

The Producer ensures the production is budgeted as conservatively as possible, liaising with Client Representatives on the execution of the project. All details are discussed very early in the Production process, and all issues addressed days before getting on set.

The Directors

Our Award-Winning Director is responsible for the conceptualisation of the Creative Brief, and its execution towards the expected result. His Creative Brief is designed in consideration of the branding of the client, its target audience, business strategy and goals, as well as a creatively innovative approach to executing the project. The Director creatively analyses the project to be commissioned, ensuring every artistic and advertising aspect is captured in the commercial project, from the direction of the talent/models, filming, editing and overall end result of the project meets expectations.

The Cinematographer

Our cinematographer is essentially the cameraman with a creative eye for capturing the expected vision under supervision of the Director. This role ensures a high-quality RED camera that is available for use, with equipment and lighting gear relevant to the project.

The Crew Hand

The Crew essentially includes stagehand, runners, equipment specialists and other members to assist in the running of the production. Depending on the size of the production and result, the crew size will vary. This also must be considered when budgeting a production that needs crew to facilitate its execution.

The Editors

The Editor essentially cuts up the footage of the commercial under supervision of the Director and Producer to ensure the intended result is met. Edit times depend on the length of the commercial, scheduled time, client deadline and approximate deadline set by the Editor.